• What: The API Facade Pattern
  • For: Architects, API Designers, Product Managers 
  • Problem: Large organizations are saddled with myriad, complex, poorly-designed enterprise web services and APIs
  • Solution: Enterprise API Facade
  • Benefits: Faster, lower-risk, less-expensive IT projects plus a rational enterprise API design

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We are transitioning to a new era of computing, which is marked by an explosion of information consumption: new devices, new apps, and new social and business networks. 

IT organizations are being asked to keep up with this explosion of consumption, but without a corresponding explosion of budgets and resources it is difficult to overcome the inertia of complex systems of record throughout the enterprise.

We need to do more with less. And that's what the Enterprise API Facade is all about. Join this webinar shorts series and learn how to take advantage of this transition.

Webinar Shorts* - March 2012 Series

The API Facade Pattern 

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The API Facade Pattern

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The API Facade:

March 6th, Tuesday


Episode 1

In this webinar we'll give an overview of the idea and theory of API facades.

  • What is an API facade pattern?
  • Why would a company choose to use an API facade?
  • What types of companies are using API facades?

The API Facade:

March 13th, Tuesday

Common Patterns

Episode 2

Whether you are starting from a green field or brown, in this webinar we'll share common patterns of facades that will help you get your API initiative off the ground.

  • Data format mediation
  • URL design
  • Authorization and versioning

March 20th, Tuesday


Episode 3

The API Facade:

In this webinar, we'll talk about the tools and common technologies needed to make API facades a reality.

  • Proxy server
  • Database and application server
  • Authorization system

The API Facade:

March 27th, Tuesday


Episode 4

In this webinar we'll talk about the team structures, the roles and responsibilities and the politics that we've encountered for running an API that uses facade patterns.

  • Roles needed
  • Skill sets and experiences required
  • Management

* each episode will be 30 minutes long

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